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To begin with, you should know that we are located in the heart of the upper basin of the Manzanares river Regional Park and in the Guadarrama Mountains National Park. We are the gateway to La Pedriza.

This means that when you arrive in our municipality you will be fully immersed in nature, in its purest form. Not for nothing is La Pedriza included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and it offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Madrid Region.

In a nutshell, welcome to our streets and paths, to our trails and monuments. Welcome to Manzanares El Real. Welcome to your home.

About Manzanares
New Castle of the Mendoza family

Nature gives us shelter and food, it takes care of us and maintains us.
Do not litter, love it and respect it so we can all enjoy it and learn from it.


Do you have an adventurous spirit? This is a small visual sample of the most iconic places that breathe our Manzanaresque essence and are waiting to be discovered on your next visit.


Give yourself a treat and indulge your five senses. Recharge your batteries, do some sport: walking, cycling or climbing. Yes, climbing. Enjoy incredible scenery, even from a bird's eye view. Whether you are looking for relaxation or action; whether you want to go for tapas or taste our typical food; go hiking while learning about mycology, surrounded by the fragrance of the rockrose and pine forests...

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