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Do you feel like spending the morning hiking in Manzanares El Real and then going for some tapas? Would you fancy a longer stay with a traditional meal and a charming accommodation?

Do you want to know where to eat? Where to sleep? Where to go shopping?

Manzanares El Real has hotels, bars, restaurants, rural houses, hostel and campsite both in the city centre and in La Pedriza and its natural surroundings.

To help you locate all these resources, we have created a local business, commercial and public services directory.

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One of the most visited places in the Madrid Region

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Manzanares El Real

Ours is a huge and complex town, full of unknowns and mysteries that, little by little, we are discovering and bringing to light, where every bend and every corner is waiting to show you something new.

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The municipality has an abundant business network that dedicates all its efforts so that you can experience a different outdoor adventure, offering another way of experiencing Tourism and Leisure; it includes specialised guides who will take you on a visit to the buildings that make up its monumental heritage.

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