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A dream destination for fishing lovers

In catch and release mode, in the Manzanares River or in the Santillana Reservoir, we have natural spaces for all tastes.


Like so many other sporting activities that you can practise in Manzanares El Real, fishing is one of those pleasures that you can enjoy in different places, at your leisure.

Where do you want to fish? Do you prefer the fast waters of the Manzanares River and enjoying the river banks? Or do you prefer the stillness of the Santillana Reservoir, with rocky areas and beaches in the summer season?

Barbels, common carps, Iberian nases and pikes are some of our fish, but remember to respect the areas and the species. The natural area in which you practice recreational fishing is much more important than you think, and its rules are essential to ensure its conservation.

Fishing stretches in Manzanares El Real

We offer two natural fishing areas with their specific stretches, so you do not get lost

STRETCH A: From the bridge over the Samburiel Stream, left bank, and from the Manzanares River to the bank of the Santillana Reservoir, defined by the path of the cattle track or old road from Madrid to Manzanares (perpendicular to the reservoir after the Guardia Civil station).

STRETCH B: On the left bank of the Reservoir from the mouth of the Chozas Stream to the point 650 metres from the dam wall. Off-limits, except with the express authorisation from the Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Ordenación del Territorio y Sostenibilidad for official federative fishing competitions.

STRETCH C: Right bank of the Reservoir, from the bridge over the Samburiel Stream to the point indicated at the Espinarejo estate. Permits are valid for fishing both in stretches A and C, regardless of where they are issued.

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Manzanares I Stretch I: between the Manzanares Municipal District supply dam and the point on the river at El Tranco car park (end of the Avenida de La Pedriza road).

Manzanares I Stretch II: from the lower limit of Manzanares I Stretch I to its mouth at the Santillana Reservoir (catch and release).

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