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The most famous rocks in the Community of Madrid

The Guadarrama Mountain Range is one of the most important natural climbing areas on the peninsula, and Manzanares El Real cradle of its birth and practice. When you want you can go up.

Since mountaineering was born at the end of the 19th century, Manzanares El Real, due to the special rock that forms its peaks, has been, and is, home to some of the main climbing schools in the country.

Our walls, plates and walls offer a huge diversity to practice block, artificial, adherence or boulder climbing. And La Pedriza, with El Yelmo, is our most special destination, with hundreds of cliffs, roads and sectors that delight professionals and beginners.

Climb La Tortuga, El Hueso, La Muralla China, La Maliciosa, El Indio, El Pájaro or El Rodaje, for example, but always be very careful with the environment you are treading, find out about the specific regulations to be able to climb, respect the fauna and the flora according to the PRUPPAR and be very careful in practice with children. Only by following these good practices can you truly enjoy our environment.

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Activities in Manzanares El Real

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