Artisan Market

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Discover unique handmade pieces

On the first weekend of every month, our square and its surrounding streets become the reference Artisan Market of the Guadarrama Mountain Range

Artisan Market

Craftsmanship, the millenary tradition of working with our hands, is sadly on its way to extinction, but in Manzanares El Real we are determined to recover it, in any of its forms, and to give all the craftsmen and craftswomen of the region the opportunity to showcase their creations.

Our Artisan Market currently has more than 40 stalls where visitors can purchase and enjoy real crafted products and meet their artists. They can even learn a lost art.

To guarantee the quality of our Market, artisan traders go through a strict control process which bans the exhibition of imitation, industrial or second-hand products, thus assuring the originality of the goods.

Everything you could imagine, you can find it here.

Many reasons to visit

You may want to taste the delicacies of the region, decorate your home with unique pieces, renew your wardrobe with original clothes, or take care of your skin with natural products. You can also do all those things at the same time, it’s up to you.

Artisan cheese and sausages, homemade preserves, local honey, real bread, crafted beer, oil, vinaigrettes, natural condiments, pastries, sweets and homemade chocolates... Or maybe you are looking for a natural cream, a shampoo bar or a shaving soap, bath salts, organic perfumes and essences, lip balms, or lotions to detox and cleanse your skin.

The Manzanares El Real Artisan Market has been made possible thanks to the work of craftsmen and craftswomen who, after going through all the health and quality controls and a committee of experts who guarantee their originality and artisanal process, offer their best products to visitors and residents.

Thanks to their work, you will have here the opportunity to discover forgotten or new flavours, eat food you didn’t know existed in the region, find the soap or lotion you really need for your skin care, or discover a new fragrance extracted directly from nature. In return, you can help these people continue with their difficult and wonderful work.

One thing is clear, a healthy diet and taking care of our body are essential to feel good, to love ourselves a little more and to leave behind the harmful products we tend to eat and use every day.

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At the Manzanares El Real Artisan Market, we not only help to recover and maintain traditional crafts that are increasingly difficult to find, but we also strive to give them a space where they can show their true value.

Ancestral uses for decoration and clothing such as leatherwork, metalwork, basketry, cabinetmaking, work with virgin wool or natural cotton, ceramics, glass, or bobbin lace, are some of the handicrafts you can find in our market in a huge variety of shapes and colours.

But we also have room for contemporary crafts such as pictorial art, modern hand-painted 3D prints, original papier-mâché creations, miniature models, uniquely decorated sports clothing and accessories, or original handmade jewellery, for example.

Thanks to the tenacity of the craftsmen and craftswomen, we can enjoy unique pieces which can give a 180-degree turn to our homes, our fashion and our lives, quality and originality guaranteed thanks to the strict control exercised by our committee of experts to make sure we are not sold a pig in a poke.

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