Ethnological and Archaeological Museum

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The Ethnological and Archaeological Museum is currently closed for restoration and relocation reasons.
As soon as it reopens its doors we will notify you.

The art of preserving and teaching a lifetime

A place where we can rescue our past, where we can learn from it and enjoy it, where our origins make sense again and show us the way to a promising future.

Ethnological and Archaeological Museum

Inaugurated on February 25, 1993, the Ethnological and Archaeological Museum was born with the hope of safeguarding the popular culture of Manzanares El Real. The rapid social and economic changes that led to the disappearance of our traditions, triggered the collaboration between the neighbours, gathered in the Cultural Association of El Real de Manzanares, and the Town Council, in the creation of this space of survival guarded by the same Association.

Thanks to the concern of our town to rescue its ethnographic history and its archaeological finds, the Museum can maintain traditions, objects, tools, pieces of great archaeological value and old photographs, all of them selflessly donated by our neighbours and friends.

Thanks to their effort, here you will be able to find Manzanares El Real’s roots from prehistoric times to our days.

A museum for the people

There are too many things disappearing as time goes by, but we will always have a place to keep them and remember.

All societies produce a large number of tools, build in characteristic ways, relate to each other in particular ways, and have their own value systems, which constitute and create their own culture.

The main purpose of the existence of our museum is to collect, preserve and teach everything that represents the society and culture of Manzanares from its most remote past, so that in its rooms you can see and learn about the traditions of our region, our origins and our development over the centuries.

From the local economy, the knowledge of craft trades, the birth of industrial work and the way of life in homes, all aspects of people’s daily life in Manzanares are represented here thanks to the continuous donations the museum receives and makes available to the public. They help us understand that the physical and mental effort of our ancestors was the engine of our current development, and their traditions have made us who we are today.

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One of our most important heritages is our archaeological heritage, so the museum should have its own space devoted to the wonders of the archaeological sites of our region.

Manzanares El Real has been inhabited at least since prehistoric times, and this is proven by the large quantity of materials that have been found over the years and that we still find in excavations and prospections in the area.

These exciting finds are taken to the museum where they are catalogued, undergo the required conservation treatment and then are displayed for all to enjoy and study.

Prehistory, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Roman Empire, the Visigothic Kingdom and the Middle Ages are the main historical periods and societies that have left their most representative remains in our municipality, like ancestors talking to us from the past.

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