Historically, Manzanares El Real has been considered the most emblematic village in the northern mountains of Madrid.
It used to be traversed by paths between the high plains of Castilla and Madrid. It was also a route for shepherds moving their cattle through Spain (this was known as Cañada Real Segoviana from Gibraltar to Soria since 1273). Travelers also passed through Manzanares El Real when using the GR-10 that runs from Valencia to Lisbon. These routes have generated a number of smaller paths, named PR (Short Distance Tracks) that run through the park allowing the recreational walker to enjoy all what the area has to offer. When the Saint James Route to Santiago (320 km from Madrid to Sahagún, since 1987), Manzanares El Real once again became a compulsory way point.
The Pedriza contains many paths between areas of special interest, like the Elephant Rock (El Elefante), the Chicken Bridge (El Puente de los Pollos) or the Calix (El Cáliz) creating routes of one to several hours that can satisfy the most demanding hikers. This can also be said to be true of the tracks that run between the areas surrounding the river and Lake Santillana.

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